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We are a boutique digital marketing agency based in London. We offer our clients the best ROI on their marketing budget by focusing on what really matters to them most. If you’ve ever felt like your online marketing tasks were too small or insignificant for larger firms to take notice of, then we are here for you. Contact us today so we can help you get started with a free consultation!

Content  Creation 

Are you struggling to rank for your keywords?

If so, it could be because of the amount of content that is being published on the internet every day.


You might have a great site with lots of quality content but if there are other sites in your niche publishing more frequently than you, then Google will favour them over yours.


This means that even though your website may be better than theirs, they will still outrank you and get all the traffic from search engines. On-page content can help solve this problem by giving Google another reason to rank your site higher than others in your niche.

We provide on-page services such as article writing which can improve rankings for websites across many different niches including health & fitness, finance and travel among others.


Our team has been working with clients from around the world since 2019 helping them achieve their online goals through our high-quality workmanship at an affordable price!


You can get started today!

Contact us now about our content writing/SEO services. 

Price From £55 a piece.

Social Media Management

Do you want to know how to create high-quality content that visitors will want to share on social media and visit your site for more?

You’ve come to the right place.


Our goal is simple – help you get more traffic, leads, and sales by writing great copy that people actually care about.

From £147

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Search Engine Optimisation

Are you struggling to rank in Google or even get discovered?

If your website is not ranking as well as it could because of factors like competing sites in the same niche with bigger budgets, then off-page visibility can be a great tool for driving traffic back to your website.

This type of content will help you build links to your site and improve its authority.

It’s also great for building relationships with other people in your industry who are interested in what you have to say.

Our team will create a customer journey that links back naturally to your site, which will increase its authority over time and improve rankings. 

From £165​

Contact us here now and get started today!


Podcast Feature

Get featured on a podcast interview format where you get to talk about your business and promote it in a native way.

Links from the show will point back to your business website.

From £60 for a 30-minute episode. A midroll mention or ad (45 seconds for £25)

What Our Clients Say

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L Kammer

As a London life coach, I was looking for a presence, a way to get known, to allow people to know what I have to offer.

I found the expertise of Benice to be unparalleled. The skills and knowledge in guiding me towards creating a wide presence utilising digital marketing on all platforms have greatly assisted me in launching myself as a life coach.
I would highly recommend their abilities.